What is 4WD Tire Care About?

Four-wheel drive cars are a wonderful thing but they do require some special care. While a rotation and partial alignment might work for a normal two-wheel-drive car, it might not be enough for your four-wheel drive car. The most important thing to note is that with a four-wheel-drive car you cannot simply align one set of tires on the front or the back.


The Benefits of Regular Tire Service

With a four-wheel-drive vehicle, all four wheels are used to propel the car so all four wheels need to be aligned at the same time to keep the four-wheel-drive intact and working properly. On top of that, you also need to be doing a full rotation for four-wheel-drive cars more often to make sure that they are going to wear at the same speed and the same time and also that there are no issues with one set of tires getting positional wear.

You also need to make sure that your tires are the right type, that they are in good shape, and that they are going to serve you well while you are out driving. Four-wheel-drive vehicles are often used off-road and making sure that your tires are in good shape can mean the difference between a successful off-road trip and one that does not work out so well.

How Are Our 4WD Tire Services Different?

Rather than just aligning the front or back tires, you do need to align all the wheels to make sure that the four-wheel-drive is not going to be damaged. With four-wheel-drive vehicles, you also need to take into consideration the way the car is driven. Many four-wheel-drive vehicles are going to be driven harder than your two-wheel-drive sedan and the tires will reflect that.

Choose Monrovia CDJR

Monrovia Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram offers a great state of the art facility that is going to be able to take care of your tires from start to finish. They offer a great range of tires and tires services and can help you to make sure the wheels on your 4WD vehicle are aligned, rotated and inspected to give you the best performance possible. Finding a great service center can be difficult but with the help of a team like that at Monrovia Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram, you can be sure you are in good hands.

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