MOPAR Check Engine Light Diagnosis Service

What To Do When The Check Engine Light Comes On?

If your car’s check engine light comes on when driving in Azusa, you should take it in for a diagnosis as soon as possible. While a steady light can indicate a problem that doesn’t make your car inoperable you should never ignore it as any underlying issue can damage your engine. You should always bring your car to a certified Mopar check engine light specialist as they will know exactly which issue is causing your check engine light to come on and how to properly address it.

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What Is A Check Engine Light Diagnosis?

When you bring your car to a professional in Covina they will examine your car and perform a check engine light diagnosis which with the proper equipment will indicate the type of engine problem that is causing your light to turn on. Your car's check engine light can indicate many different issues a professional diagnosis will have to be performed first before deciding on the next steps for repair.

Why Is The Check Engine Light On?

Your car’s check engine light detects a variety of different issues you car could be having including:

  • Indicating a loose gas cap.
  • A Failing oxygen sensor.
  • Issues with your spark plugs or spark plug wires.
  • A failing air flow sensor.
  • Catalytic converter problems.
  • A leak in the engine vacuum.
  • Overconsumption of gas.

If your engine light is flashing this can indicate overheating or that your engine's pistons are misfiring

Is Ignoring A Check Engine Light Dangerous

When your check engine light comes on you should not assume that it's an error or that the issue is a minor one, if the light is flashing it can indicate a severe problem. Many of the engine issues your car’s check engine light detects are very serious ones and ignoring them can lead to your engine being unable to operate safely. This can easily place you and your passengers in danger when driving to Baldwin Park. In addition, ignoring your check engine light can lead to expensive repairs if even mild underlying issues are not properly examined by a professional.

Book a Check Engine Light Diagnosis with us at Monrovia CDJR

When you need a check engine light diagnosis in Monrovia or nearby West Covina we know you have a choice in repair shops and engine specialists. At Monrovia Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram we are dedicated to setting ourselves apart from the competition. As a fully certified service center, our experienced staff can help with not only discovering what problems your engine may be having but proving the best in repair and maintenance service. Call us today to schedule your appointment.

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