MOPAR Importance of Maintenance Even When Driving Less

Importance of Maintenance Even When Driving Less

We operate a certified Mopar service department committed to auto service excellence. Part of our mission is to help our customers get the most out of their vehicles. If you drive low miles, we want to remind you that routine maintenance is recommended even when driving less. You should review the owner’s manual and schedule routine maintenance according to time if it arrives first. Continue reading about why routine maintenance is important even when driving less.

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Routine Maintenance by Time & Miles

Every vehicle has a routine maintenance schedule in the owner’s manual. Sticking to the routine maintenance schedule will keep your vehicle at its best for longer. Routine maintenance is recommended by miles or time, whichever arrives first. The schedule was designed with engineering insight regarding primary systems and component durability. By maintaining the primary systems and components, your vehicle gets improved reliability, efficiency, safety, and extended life. Those driving lower miles need to schedule routine maintenance according to time rather than miles.

Why Is Getting Timely Maintenance Necessary?

Routine maintenance is recommended according to time because many components lose integrity without being used. Components, such as the battery, fluids, and rubber parts lose integrity from just environmental exposure. The battery will die without being used. Fluids experience compositional changes even when idle. Rubber parts, such as windshield wiper blades and tires, lose integrity over time.

Consider Low-Mile Driving & Severe Conditions

Another important factor to consider is that low-mile driving often occurs in severe operating conditions, such as stop-and-go traffic or mountainous terrain. Driving lower miles in an urban area and on mountainous terrain causes the engine, transmission, and brakes to work harder compared to normal conditions. The recommendation is to adjust routine maintenance to a more frequent interval due to the rapid wear and tear caused by these conditions. Be sure to review your owner’s manual and adjust your routine maintenance schedule accordingly if you drive in severe conditions.

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You can always call to speak with a knowledgeable service advisor regarding your vehicle’s ideal maintenance schedule. You can schedule routine maintenance by phone or via the online service scheduler. While we finish your service, you can relax in the comfortable waiting area with flat-screen TVs, reading material, vending machines, and beverages. You might also enjoy browsing the parts and gear boutique.

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