Title: Jeep Battery Service Near West Covina, CA | Monrovia CDJR Description: Monrovia Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram is your one-stop-shop in West Covina, CA area for battery services including inspection and replacement.
Jeep Battery Service Near West Covina, CA

Jeep Battery Service near West Covina, CA

As a Jeep authorized dealership with a service department committed to complete Jeep care, we offer everything that your Jeep near West Covina, CA will ever need at a high quality and within a 10-minute drive to Monrovia Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram. We employ certified technicians that know your Jeep inside and out and will install a genuine OEM battery of the highest quality. We offer complete Jeep battery care at Monrovia Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram.

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What Causes an Auto Battery to Die?

It is important to remember that all automotive batteries will eventually face replacement service. Although you can expect your old Jeep’s battery to die, there are proven factors known to cause it to die faster including extreme temperatures, high humidity, and excessive electrical accessory load. No matter what the cause, we recommend knowing the signs of performance decline and get it replaced as quickly as possible if they appear.

What are the Symptoms of a Dying Battery?

As a battery begins losing integrity, its physical condition and electric performance will start to decline alongside the emerging symptoms of a dying battery. If you experience any of the symptoms, it is an excellent decision to get it inspected thoroughly by a certified technician with a specialized voltmeter that can perform total battery maintenance professionally:

  • Sluggish engine starting or slow cranking
  • Needing to push the fuel pedal to start the engine
  • Ignition clicks when turning the key
  • Dimmer headlights
  • Battery case is swollen
  • Corrosion on battery terminals

Overview of Battery Inspections

A certified technician assesses the battery’s case looking for fluid leaks, bloating, or any type of disfiguration. We will then inspect the battery posts and terminal connection for corrosion and to ensure a strong connection with the charging system. The next part of the inspection involves electrical performance testing to confirm cold-cranking amps and reserve capacity. Failing any part of the battery inspection is an automatic referral for replacement service.

Battery Replacement Service at Monrovia Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram

A certified technician at our service center removes the faulty battery, inspects the terminals to ensure a strong connection with the battery charging system, and installs the brand new genuine OEM battery of the highest quality. While you wait, enjoy our comfortable waiting area and flat-screen TVs while we install your new battery quickly and conveniently.

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